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he said: build me a tent in Hujoun...

Timeless love : Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and His Wife, Lady Khadijah by Habib Ali Al-Jifri

When Prophet and Lady Khadijah married, she was older than him. She was 40 years old. She loved him for his good manners and noble characters,trustworthiness and perfect behavior towards others. And he saw in her nobility, beauty of character and virtue. After marrying, he loved her deeply and she loved him deeply. lady Khadijah fully accepted that the Messenger of Allah with everything she had, even before he was a Messenger. For example,when she hired him as her commercial agent, she observed his beautiful character and heard about (miraculous stories of) the clouds shading him from the sun on his journeys. And when she married him, the nobility of his character and greatness of his mercy dawned upon her; a mercy which Allah Almighty filled him with, saying :
" and We have not sent you except as a mercy to all created things " [21:107]
Given this, how would he be as a spouse? So she loved him unconditionally and joined him heart, body and soul. So on the night when Divine Revelation (peristiwa di mana nabi s.a.w mula2 menerima wahyu di gua hira') first came to him and the Archangel Gabriel (malaikat jibrail) appeared before him, he fled home with a heart quaking in fear, pleading " cover me, cover me, wrap me, wrap me! ". Lady Khadijah quickly covered him: she noticed his noble body shivering, impacted by his first experience with Divine Revelation. And she comforted him, reassuring him with absolute confidence and conviction: " Allah would never abandon you ". She reminded him of his virtues that she witnessed first hand, " you serve the needy, comfort the weary, maintain ties of kinship and assist those in need ". Her heart was full of admiration by what she witnessed day and night of his virtue and she was certain that no harm could befall him. 

She then took him to her cousin Waraqah bin Naufal, a learned Christian and monotheist who in a time of great ignorance, had many sacred book. When they went to him, he was elderly and in his last days. He inquired of the Prophet, " Tell me o son of my brother, what did you see? ". The Prophet then described his experience with the first revelation. He replied, " O son of my brother, it is the Namus that which descended upon Moses and Jesus. I wish that I were strong so that i could support you when your people cast you out and harm you! ". The Prophet replied, " Will they cast me out? " : " O son of my brother, no man has come with the message that you bring except that his own people have outcast and opposed him.. Thereafter, Lady Khadijah always stood by his side spending her wealth to help spread the Prophet invitation and to thus facilitate the well-being of all humanity.

And a time came when when the leader's of Quraish in Mecca imposed sanctions for 3 years on the Prophet and his family, forcing them to be cut off from the rest of society. The embargo intended to pressure the Prophet to renounce his message and to force his family to give him up so that his enemies could kill him. A 3 years ban on buying, selling and interacting with his family. The situation became so difficult that they were forced to eat leaves. Through all of this hardship, Lady Khadijah stood firmly beside the Messenger of Allah. And soon before the embargo was lifted, in its final days, Lady Khadijah passed away. That same year, prior to the emigration from mecca to Medina, the Prophet's (beloved) uncle Abu Talib also passed away. Thus it was called Year of Sorrow.

From that day forward, until he met his Lord, the most sublime companion, the Prophet never ceased to speak of Lady Khadijah, may Allah be well-pleased with her. Whenever some delicious food was brought to him as a gift, he would distribute a portion saying, " Send this to so and so-she visited us in the days of Khadijah. And give this to so and so-she was a friend of Khadijah." And so on, until he liberated Mecca (some 10 years after her death). He entered the city and was asked where he would stay. He responded by essentially stating that his previous home in Mecca was sold off long ago. So when he entered Mecca, Allah blessed him and give him peace, they asked him, " Where will you stay? "
he replied, " Build me a tent in Hujoun ". and Hujoun was no place other than the location where Lady Khadijah was burried.
This was a refined demonstration of their lasting love and the strength of their bond. The Prophet never forgot Lady Khadijah, never stop mentioning her after her death, even 10 years later, 11 years later, until he passed away himself...

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